Frequently Asked Questions

What is B2B Academy?

Back 2 Basics Academy, located in Roanoke, is a learning community specializing in helping students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, ADD and cognitive learning difficulties. Our passion is helping young people realize their potential no matter the obstacles.


How long has B2B Academy been around?

Back 2 Basics Learning Center has been serving families for over 10 years. B2B Academy started in 2013 with Mrs. Kane homeschooling her daughter and expanded in 2015. We are presently accepting new students to join our ever-growing family.


What makes B2B Academy different from other schools?

Our mission is to accept and teach students whose needs we can meet. Prospective students entering our school have learning differences that are consistent with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, ADD and cognitive learning difficulties.


B2B Academy offers a small group setting where students have access to individualized intervention in every subject and direct instruction from a Certified Academic Language Therapist.


Social-emotional development is integral to intellectual development and achievement. At B2B Academy, the social curriculum is just as important as the academic curriculum. Many of our students were unhappy in their previous environments. We believe students need to feel safe to learn at their highest potential. B2B Academy is located in a renovated two-story Victorian home in the heart of Roanoke, Texas where we have created a multi-age environment encouraging one another in our academic journeys. Our students learn what it means to be a respectful member of a school community and most importantly, how to be a friend.


Currently, we offer school-age children through 8th grade.


What are your program options?

4 Day Program -- Monday-Thursday: the direct teaching of new learning in math, language arts, dyslexia therapy, reteach/intervention for Math & ELA ... PLUS Science and History interactive lessons.


What are the hours?

8:30-2:30 ---  Monday - Thursday. Students should arrive around 8:15 to prepare for their day.


What about Friday?

Families have the opportunity to enroll in homeschool PE, go on field trips, finish projects or incomplete work.


Is B2B Academy an accredited school?

B2B Academy is accredited through the National Association of Private Schools. Accreditation means that an institution is fulfilling its stated purpose with integrity and excellence. Students are considered homeschooled and, by Texas law, we will not report attendance or testing to any state agency. We are a small, independent, non-profit home and school partnership that does not accept government funding. This allows for autonomy in curriculum choices and practices to meet the needs of our students.


Why do you require a placement test?

Initial academic diagnostic tests are used to determine strengths and weaknesses. The results are used to drive instruction and ensure the best action plan for each child. We do not follow 504 plans or IEPs. All students have an individualized plan and have flexible accommodations to meet their needs with the goal of having fewer and fewer leading toward independence.


What if my child scores below grade level on the assessments?

We take students where they are and move them forward at their own pace. Many students have fallen below a specific grade level and we have adjusted curriculum accordingly to meet their needs. It is unfair to a child to keep working on a 3rd-grade level when he has the skills of a 1st grader. We are not a typical school where we sit in grade-level classes. Flexible grouping is the main focus of our schedule. The students adjust quickly to our systems and have loved being successful, independent learners.


Does every student at B2B Academy have dyslexia?

No. However, all students have gaps in learning and/or social areas. B2B Academy focuses on individual student strengths to take them where they are and move them forward on their learning journey.


What is the structure of B2B Academy?

Each day students receive daily checklists of assignments to ensure individualization of skill-based assignments. The students rotate through direct instruction classes during the day and work with a paraprofessional, intern, or volunteer during independent work time. Time management, organization skills, and accountability are an integral part of B2B Academy.


How do I transition my child from public school to homeschool?

Call the school your child is currently attending and ask them their process for withdrawing a child.


Why choose B2B Academy?

Back 2 Basics Academy is unlike other schools.


  • A CALT works with every student - no outside therapy needed

  • Small groups 

  • ALL day intervention in EVERY subject

  • Individualized learning plans

  • A warm, nurturing environment in which to learn

  • Social curriculum is just as important as the academic curriculum

  • Organization and Accountability required of all students and families


We encourage you to do your research and look at comparable schools. Our program is NOT a "fix it quick" model nor do we guarantee grade level progress while the student is in our care.


*Take a tour and ask our students what they think!!


How do I schedule a tour?

Complete the tour request form and we'll contact you.


Although it is up to the family, we strongly recommend bringing your student to the tour. Change can be hard for some students and we have observed it helps the student to experience and participate in the school environment to see if B2B Academy is a good fit for him/her.

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